theclosetsession: How it works

Step 1: Reorganizing

You will work with Megan to organize your  closet so that you can see what you have.

Step 2: Editing

Piece by piece, you will work with Megan to examine your wardrobe to determine what stays and what goes.

Step 3: Mixing and Matching

Using the pieces that are determined to be the most flattering and your favorite, Megan will work with you to put together  “new looks”.  Megan will take photos of the looks and email them to you so that you can remember all of the fabulous combinations.

Step 4: Determining Gaps

If  gaps are found in your wardrobe, Megan will email you a list of pieces that could enhance your closet. You can use this list to shop on your own or schedule a shopping session with Megan.

Step 5: Shopping

Using the list that was created during your closet session, Megan will take you shopping to find the missing pieces in your wardrobe. When you arrive, Megan will already have a fitting room filled with pieces that she hand selected for your lifestyle, body type and age. Your dream shopping trip!